Lisa’s Natural Home Cleaning

Why Choose Lisa’s Natural Home Cleaning?

Reduce Illnesses And Allergies

Pollen, dust, germs, and dander are all things that threaten your health and can find a way into your home. Dusting, disinfecting, and sweeping your house regularly can lessen allergens and dust, and destroy bacteria and germs.

Our Cleaning Equipment Stays Home With You

Our regular customers enjoy the benefit of knowing that our cleaning equipment (personal vacuums, cleaning supplies, and towels) stays home with them, and are not shared with other homes.

Trustworthy, Respectful Staff

Every staff member we employ must satisfy our high standards, with regards to trustworthiness, dependability, and respect. Our staff will always turn up on time, complete the job to a good standard, and respect your property to the highest degree.

Free In-Home Estimates

Call or fill out our contact form to schedule a free estimate. Lisa’s priority is to build a relationship with her customers on the first visit
Phone:  (678) 898-9253