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City goers and nature lovers alike will enjoy living in Cherokee County. Atlanta is only about a thirty minute drive away, and the scenic route to the mountains in North Georgia only takes about an hour. The cities in Cherokee County have accessible shopping, quaint coffee shops, and beautiful parks. Some parts of Cherokee County provide the feeling of being in the country while other parts offer a fast paced city life. Nearly every type of person should be able to find a suitable home in this county.

Ball Ground
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Ball Ground is an expanding community that consists of about 1,500 residents. It is north of Canton on I-575. The area is a must-see for rock hounds as it is a prime mining center for precious and semi-precious minerals, many of which are on display in the village’s storefronts. The amount of available jobs within the city has been continually growing, and this is mostly due to the positive business climate in the region. Many housing options are available to new residents, including a variety of lot sizes. A new elementary school that can hold 1,200 students is opening in 2012.

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Canton is the county seat of Cherokee County, and it has experienced strong residential growth in the past few years. The Historical Downtown of Canton has many local shops with original items. In warm weather, local farmers bring their fresh home-grown fruits and vegetables to the square downtown. Bridgemill is the most popular neighborhood in Canton, and it is so large that it is divided into two school districts. The neighborhood has a 2 acre pool, a world-class golf course, and over 52 acres for family recreation. Canton is a great place to live for those who wish to be surrounded by tall trees and winding roads, while still only a short drive from Atlanta.

Hickory Flat

Hickory Flat is an unincorporated area located about 40 miles north of Atlanta. This community has grown in recent years from a small, quiet town to a more urban region. Within a ten minute drive residents can reach the Cherokee County seat of Canton and the thriving city of Woodstock. Major interstates are very close by, making commuter routes very accessible. The area is rich in Native American history. A Native American trading route ran along what is now Hickory Flat, and an area where tribes used to meet known as “Indian Knoll” is located in the community. Reinhardt College, the only higher education institution founded in Cherokee County, is a great liberal arts college in the area.

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Waleska is home to the main campus of Reinhardt College, founded in 1883, and of Lake Arrowhead where a popular resort community is located. Incorporated in 1889, Waleska got its name from the daughter of an Indian Chief in the area called Warluskee. The main industries of the past in Waleska were lumbering, grist mills, some mineral development, and tobacco manufacturing. Agriculture and the lumber industry still thrive in the area. The main “industry” in the town is Reinhardt College, and Waleska is often referred to as a college town.

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Woodstock, in the southernmost part of Cherokee County closest to Atlanta, has become a popular choice for urbanites seeking a change of lifestyle pace. With most of the amenities that big city living provides, residents of Woodstock enjoy having access to what they need without having the traffic and overpopulation that go along with living in a big city. The Woodstock City Park is a beautiful and well-kept attraction for people of all ages, and there are often concerts in the park. Downtown Woodstock, which surrounds the Woodstock City Park, has grown exponentially in recent years. With new and stylish condominiums as well as unique shops and classy restaurants, downtown Woodstock has become a very popular location for residency and a great attraction for Woodstock residents.

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Ball Ground, Canton, Holly Springs, Waleska, and Woodstock


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