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Since Rockdale County is the second smallest county in Georgia, it has a nice small community atmosphere while being only 24 miles away from Atlanta. The county is ideal for raising a family because the government is dedicated to providing a safe and wholesome environment. Many recreational activities draw in residents and visitors. The Georgia International Horse Park is in Conyers, and the 1996 Olympic Equestrian events were held there. The Smyrna Campground is a great place for family fun and old-fashioned camp meetings. Rockdale County is an excellent place to settle down because of all it has to offer, and because of the close proximity to Atlanta for commuting or recreation.

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Conyers  |  (770) 929-4226 [expand title=”(More Info)” swaptitle=”   “]

Conyers is the county’s only municipality and the center of its commercial development, which is mostly concentrated along Interstate 20. Incorporated in 1854, Conyers has a strong core of residential support for its educational and cultural activities including acclaimed community theater and choral music. Housing is extremely affordable in relation to other close-in counties, even as new construction increases inside the city limits. The downtown area, the old jailhouse and the Dial Mill are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Also located in Conyers is The Georgia International Horse Park, which was the site of the equestrian events during the 1996 Olympic games.




Main Contact Information  |  (770) 929-4000

Animal Control  |  (770) 278-8403

Business License  |  (770) 278-7100

County Tax Commissioner  Dan Ray  |  (770) 278-7600

County Extension Office  |  (770) 278-7373

Driver’s License  |  (678) 413-8400

Sheriff’s Office  |  (770) 278-8000

Voter Registration  |  (770) 278-7333



DIAL 911

Fire and Emergency Services  |  (770) 278-8401  |  (770) 278-7100

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Georgia Power  |  (404) 506-6526


[expand title=”GAS COMPANIES” tag=”h3″]

Atlanta Gas Light  |  (404) 210-7534


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Water & Sewer

Rockdale County Water Resource  |  (770) 278-7400

Recycling  |  (770) 785-6883


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Cable Television

Charter  |  (888) 438-2427


AT&T  |  (770) 761-7070


[expand title=”SCHOOLS” tag=”h3″]

Public Schools  |  (770) 483-4713


[expand title=”HOSPITALS” tag=”h3″]

Rockdale Medical Center  |  (770) 918-3000


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Conyers-Rockdale Library System  |  (770) 388-5041


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