P&S Services

We are a Full-Service Janitorial, Landscaping and General Services Company committed to providing our expertise and professional services to our customers.


P & S Services provides Commercial Eco-Friendly products and services guaranteeing your  facilities are cleaned to the  highest standards with no harm  to  employees,  customers,  equipment  or  building.  Our  staff and workers are professional and dependable which ensures your projects are reviewed, evaluated, cleaned and inspected by qualified personnel whose job is to make sure the final product surpasses your expectations.  You will find our final product is always consistent, our services are accommodating and we are informative about what we do and how we do it.


Our differentiator from others is we provide automated services for each project. Each of our customers are provided with secure access to a dedicated portal to view and upload photos of interest or completion.  Customers also have access to submit comments and voice any concerns they have on their projects.

We are excited for the opportunity to make your work place safe and clean.  Below is a list of some of the industries we support.


* Commercial Businesses                                     * Municipalities

* Healthcare Facilities                                           * Warehouses

* Dental Offices                                                     * Manufacturing Facilities

* Automobile Dealerships                                      * Athletic Organizations

* Child Care Facilities                                            * Educational Institutions

* Private Clubs and Organizations                        * Sports Facilities



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