Since 1994 Community Profiles publications have been distributed by FMLS and Chambers of Commerce to realtors for their home buyers and to commercial clients moving to the area or buying locally.

  1. The Magazines are also on our web site, that receives over 1 million-page views per year.
  2. Are on the FMLS web site- 65,000 realtors use the FMLS site regularly for their work.
  3. Are emailed twice a month to realtors who forward them to clients.
  4. They are placed in all realtors offices and in the 3 FMLS stores for distribution to real estate buyers.
  5. They feature the name of the First Multiple Listing Service on the masthead and are published annually with 12 months of distribution.

We print 15,000 copies of each and email copies 2 times per month to realtors who forward them to clients. Families and businesses moving to the metro area or moving locally use it for valuable information about the area.

First MLS Embraces Change to Serve the Real Estate Needs of Southeast Homebuyers and Sellers

It’s no secret that the real estate market has changed dramatically since the pandemic, yet Georgia and the surrounding states have held up remarkably well. Georgia has been named the best state to do business for ten years, and of course, that impacts the economic vitality of everyone in the region.

With interest rates forecasted to soften in the coming years, this should open up more home-buying opportunities. Real estate has always been considered one of the best long-term investments, and with new technology tools, an FMLS member can help turn this opportunity into reality for their buyers.

Jeremy Crawford leads FMLS as the President and CEO of the largest MLS in the state and one of the largest MLSs in the nation. It’s also one of a handful of MLSs that are broker-owned and operated, which offers many advantages.

“In the past 5 years, FMLS has worked hard to increase your access to listing data and exposure of your listings to other professionals like no other MLS in the nation. With FMLS, you can access listings from over 350,000 real estate professionals nationwide, and your listings are exposed to more agents than any other MLS nation!”

We constantly are adding great tools to our technology suite, which helps to make real estate more accessible,” according to Crawford.

“For example, to help those who are visually impaired, we’ve introduced Finding Homes by Lundy, which reads information about a property, such as descriptions, via voice. Not only does Finding Homes help Agents & Brokers, but their clients can use it anytime and for free. Its underlying technology is voice-to-text, which makes it an excellent tool for anyone who needs to focus on the road while driving,” Crawford continues.

“FMLS members can also leverage the power of AI to real estate with Restb.AI. This saves time and provides better accuracy when inputting listing data, as it creates editable automated captions for ALT-text tags for photos in seconds, helping ensure ADA compliance. It also creates generative property descriptions in FMLS-member websites.

Our members and their buyers can access Down Payment Resource, a platform that helps brokers and agents identify down payment assistance throughout the region. It’s straightforward to use, costs nothing, and doesn’t slow the closing process. It’s a valuable tool for those who qualify for a home but may not be able to come up with the more traditional twenty percent down payment.

FMLS also provides members with RatePlug, which estimates the total payment of a property, including their mortgage payment, based upon real-time interest rates, taxes, and insurance, to provide homebuyers with a complete financial picture of the property they’re interested in.

For the safety of our members and partners, FMLS now provides FOREWARN as a complimentary member benefit. FOREWARN is a safety app that allows Agents to verify risks before meeting an individual, such as before showing a listing, including verifying identities and viewing criminal history. In addition, we also provide integrated safety features within the ShowingTime+ and Supra eKEY apps. Agent and broker safety and security is one of FMLS’ very highest priorities.

To stay on top of the required continuing education credits, we offer our members a wide range of free classes through the FMLS Training Institute, with in-person, on-demand, and Zoom classes.  Members can now earn CE in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

We’re committed to providing the best service and experience for consumers and our members in one of the most collaborative and transparent environments. That’s what people have come to expect from FMLS, and it drives us every day to deliver those promises,” Crawford concludes.