Union City

(770) 964-2288

Pop. 21,189

Union City was  incorporated on August 17, 1908. Prior to the city’s incorporation, the Farmer’s Union opened its national headquarters in the area, and the City takes its name in honor of those farmers. The City is 8.5 square miles, just 15 minutes from downtown Atlanta and 10 miles to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. The average sale price for a detached home in December, 2017 was approximately $151,000 and the median HHI is $53, 119.  54% of their land area is undeveloped and they have several programs to attract business such as their: Tax Allocation District, Opportunity Zone and Foreign Trade Zone. The Atlanta Metro Studios has headquartered there on the site of the former Shannon Mall and is one of the nation’s  largest studios. They have an 18 hole golf course, a  25,000 square foot Community Center is underway, the famous Green Manor Restaurant, a 500 acre senior housing facility and their Comprehensive Master Plan 2030 has been launched.